How To Setup Your Verizon FIOS Static IP with Windows Server 2008 Step by Step

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A step by step guide to setting up your Windows Server 2008 with static IP(s) addresses from your Verizon FIOS service for low cost do it yourself hosting. Learn the tricks in configuring your FIOS router that Verizon won't tell and most of their support team don't know. Never need to call tech support again. Topics covered are the following: Configure Verizon FIOS router for 1 static IP address, configure for multiple static IP addresses, configure port forwarding, save configuration settings in case of a disaster, configuration disaster recovery, Windows server firewall settings, configure static NAT, add additional internal IP addresses to Windows Server.

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Table of Contents

How to Setup Your Verizon FIOS Static IP with Windows Server 2008 Step by Step. 1

Introduction. 2

Login to Verizon router. 2

Configuring Verizon Router with 1 Static IP Address. 3

Port Forwarding. 6

Configure Port Forwarding. 7

Saving Configuration. 10

Load Configuration. 12

Windows Server Firewall Settings. 15

Configuring Verizon Router with multiple Static IP addresses. 20

Configure Static NAT. 28

Add an Additional Internal IP Address to Your Windows Server. 35

About the Author. 42




I decided to write this book because of my frustrations with setting up Verizon FIOS for my home and my business. It is very difficult to get good help from the Verizon techs.  It is very time consuming looking for this information online. I spent countless hours online trying to find a solution. It is absolutely frustrating.  Don’t waste time, instead you can get all the information you need in this one book.  So many sites are setup to advertise with very little useful text. You are basically on your own.  If you run your business and have a Verizon FIOS business account with a static IP address then they will help you even less. A Verizon rep told me “I can’t teach you how to do networking” with a real bad attitude.  I hope this book helps you to not have the same problems that I did configuring my server for my FIOS. This is not a complete networking tutorial but a step by step guide to configure your Verizon router for 1 or more public IP addresses.  After reading this book you will get your server up and running quickly.

Login to Verizon router

Open a web browser on the computer connected to the FiOS Router. In the “Address” text box, type:

Then press Enter on the keyboard.   You should see the login screen below

Figure 1


Enter login information and click OK.  You should see the main screen below.  This is the main screen and all configurations can be performed from here.

Figure 2