Installing Windows 8 Step by Step

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This book will quickly show you how to upgrade your Windows computer to the new Windows 8. What you will learn: • What you should know about before you attempt to upgrade your Windows computer • What is new in Windows 8 • How to backup your files • How to create your windows install DVD from ISO file • Tips and Tricks • Step by Step process of upgrading and installing your new Windows 8. Windows 8 is a major step in the right direction for the Windows operating system. It has been the least understood version of Windows but in my opinion the best upgrade since Window XP. In order to relieve one from shell shock there are things that should be initially understood. With this understanding, you will find that Microsoft has made some very good decisions with Windows 8, to adapt with the major changes in computer devices such as tablets and smart phones. These devices will dominate in the very near future and any operating system that is going to be relevant in this new world will have to be compatible with them otherwise it will go the way of the dinosaurs. The concept that made me quickly adapt to Windows 8 is to understand that in previous versions of Windows there was a start button, this start button was replaced in Windows 8 by a much more robust interactive start screen. So rather than clicking this overcrowded nested start button, which on many computers reached its physical limit of the number of icons that can be reasonably displayed, you are now redirected to the start screen than can be personalize in ways which has never before been accomplished in desktop computing. I must say that this is the most useful desktop of any Windows version up to date. I now use the Windows 8 start screen more than ever. With previous versions of Windows I rarely used the desktop. I must say that my productivity has increased 100 percent since I started using Windows 8. My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20 so I can say I have used almost every user interface invented since the 1980s. If I can quickly adapt so can you.

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